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The fact that you are at this site leads me to believe that you understand the basics of Proline, but here is a quick summary.  Proline is a “sports lottery” run by the Ontario government where you select 3 to 6 outcomes on a given night in a parlay wager.  Your potential payout is determined by the odds associated with each outcome you select.  Proline tickets are sold everywhere lottery tickets are sold in Ontario.  To learn more about the details of betting on Proline, check out our Proline odds page.

One crazy fact is that Proline had a 38.65% profit margin on tickets solid in 2011.  That profit margin is absolutely ridiculous, especially when compared with online sportsbooks, such as that average a 4.5% house edge on typical wagers.

The truth is that Proline is considered impossible to win.  A judge even determined that a man who won a significant amount via Proline over a few years did not have to pay taxes on the winnings because it was not possible to win over the long run due to the horrible odds.  The jury is out…you CANNOT WIN betting with Proline (this is the best Proline tip I can give you).  Now that is not to say you cannot win money betting on sports.  Let’s take a look at a typical Proline payout compared to an online sports betting payout and you will see that you can make double the profit:

Proline vs Online Sports Betting

Here is an example of five MLB games chosen on June 10th, 2013.  The left side is the Proline ticket, while the right side is the exact same five games at  Look at the payout difference!

Proline vs Bodog

The same $10 wager give a potential payout of $163.75 more at Bodog, which is quite a bit more than double the $115.90 potential payout from Proline.

Don’t believe that the odds are that drastically different?  Check for yourself.  Click here to see today’s Proline odds and here to see the odds for the same games at

I created this website to inform Proline bettors that there is a better way.  Having read this far you have surely come to the conclusion that you would make a much higher profit betting on sports online.  If you decide to continue betting on Proline then so be it, but I do hope you take my advice and make the best sports betting decision of your life by opening an account at, a trusted and respected online sportsbook that caters specifically to Canadian bettors.  Depositing online is easier and safer than ever and Bodog is trying hard to increase their Canadian market share so their customer service department will go out of their way to help you with any questions you may have.

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